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ARCA is committed to employment equity, and is an equal opportunity employer.

Our motto for all agents is “ad percutiendum” a corporate discipline enforced by periodic training of all staff members in the use of defensive skills and weapons. Our priorities are the successful servicing of our Clients and our employee’s safety.


Personnel Training

ARCA provides all new, armed employees, with a comprehensive 10-day in-house security-training program. Successful completion of this training is a mandatory condition of employment.

Our initial and ongoing training program includes:

• Customer Service
• Reality-role playing simulation exercises
• Situational analysis, evaluation and management exercises
• Firearm manipulation and shooting drills
• Periodic Krav Maga training sessions
• Bimonthly Monadnock Defensive Tactics System drills

Recruiting Process

1 Candidate must possess the following :

a. 2 years minimum experience in the armored car industry
b. Valid driver’s license
c. Valid Possession and Acquisition License
d. Valid permit issued by Bureau de Securite Privee Quebec
e. Certification of competency of Monadnock Expandable Baton (MEB)
f. Certification of competency of Monadnock Defensive Tactics System (MDTS)
i. Pre-requisites e and f can be supplied by ARCA at candidate’s expense

2. Submit Application: potential candidate must apply online.
3. First Interview: The candidate will meet with a human resource representative of ARCA and will undergo an interview.
4. Criminal History Check: Candidates must submit to a pre-employment criminal history search and fingerprinting prior to moving on in the application process.
5. Background and Credit check: It is important that you are as accurate as possible.
6. Medical Examination
7. Successfully completes his/her course(s) as governed by Ecole Nationale de Police du Quebec training on the handling of firearms and the use of force administered by ARCA
8. ARCA in-house security-training program

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