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ARCA- Security Tips

By admin on December 24, 2014 in Nouvelles

Prevention is always the best tool against criminal activity. Pay close attention to the information you disclose and post to social media. For example, certain people leave their Facebook page accessible to everyone on-line. Therefore, not only do your friends have access to this material, but also criminals with unscrupulous intentions can obtain the information they require such as vacation dates while you are away; knowing full well there is no one at home. With some simple research, these criminals can obtain your residential address and rob your home.


At the ATM, please cover the “Pin Entry Device” or keypad while entering your PIN. Whether a magnetic swipe or Chip card, your ultimate protection is the safeguard of your PIN number. This gesture will prevent anyone from obtaining your PIN via shoulder surfing or a hidden camera. Always protect your PIN.


Consider following a first aid course. These one or two day courses can help save a life. It is the least you can do as a responsible and conscience citizen. This training can be useful in your everyday life, at work and at play. Ultimately, you may save a life and even a family member!


Never leave your cell phone unattended in public areas. Leaving it unattended is a recipe for disaster. The amount of information contained in our portable devices today, make them a prime target for thieves, who can use this information stored in these devices to propagate fraud against you, obtain addresses of close friends, dates stored in your calendar, etc. If you see people coming back and forth around you or your phone, be very mindful. Most of the time, these thieves actually swap your cell phone with another; their mission is to steal your private information.


To prevent cyber-crimes at home, please visit this site for helpful tips:




Industrial espionage is a growing problem today. Many companies have information stolen through neglect. Never leave sensitive or confidential information, notes or other corporate documents unprotected or unsecured. Leaving these papers in the recycling bin could be a disaster if the information was compromised to a competitor. Always shred unwanted documentation with a quality cross-cut shredder.

You need security tips in security or prevention…we are here to help!


You manage a small or medium sized business and you need an independent evaluation of your security measures; we can offer an improved security plan for your business. Contact our professionals at ARCA Security.

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